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Weimar and Nazi Germany: Advancing History Core Texts:  

Weimar and Nazi Germany: Advancing History Core Texts:


SHP Advanced History Core Texts are the Schools History Project's acclaimed new books for A level History. These books apply SHP's two decades of curriculum development experience to the challenge of helping students make the leap from GCSE to A level.

They offer:
- clear and penetrating narrative - comprehensively explaining the content required for examination success
- thought provoking and relevant activities that explore the content and help students think analytically about the subject
- thorough exam preparation through carefully designed tasks that address the distinctive requirements of A Level history
- a wide range of revision strategies including structured content summaries

Additional features include:
- A focus route pathway for independent learners
- Learning Trouble Spots - which address common misunderstandings
- diagrammatic summaries of key areas of content and historical issues
- accessible summaries of recent historical debates.

Weimar and Nazi Germany is a comprehensive core text investigating the history of Germany from the foundation of the Weimar Republic in 1918 to the collapse of the Nazi regime in 1945. It covers all the exam modules on twentieth-century Germany and is ideal for students studying AS or A level or equivalent for any examination board.

Table of Contents:
SECTION 1 Germany 1918-33: Why did Weimar democracy fail?
PART 1.1 Weimar Germany 1918-23: Creation and crises
1 Was the Weimar Republic doomed from its very beginnings?
2 Why did the Weimar Republic survive the crises of 1919-13?
PART 1.2 The Weimar Republic 1924-29: Years of recovery and achievement?
3 Did political and economic developments between 1924 and 1929 make the Weimar Republic more stable?
4 How far did Stresemann's foreign policy strengthen the Weimar regime?
5 Was the Weimar Republic undermined by jazz, art and dancing girls?
PART 1.3 Germany 1929-33: Why did the Weimar Republic fail and Hitler gain power in 1933?
6 Was Weimar democracy undermined by the world economic depression?
7 Why did the Nazis become the largest party in Weimar Germany?
8 Why did parliamentary government decline in Germany 1930-33 and why was Hitler appointed Chancellor in January 1933?
9 Review: Interpretations of Weimar Germany 1918-33
SECTION 2 Germany 1933-45: What impact did Nazism have on the German people?
PART 2.1 How did Hitler secure his regime?
10 Why was Hitler able to consolidate his position in power?
11 Where did power lie in the Third Reich?
12 How successful was Nazi economic policy?
13 What role did propaganda play in the Third Reich?
PART 2.2 How far did Hitler succeed in creating a Volksgemeinschaft?
14 Did the Nazis succeed in winning the hearts and minds of German youth?
15 How successfully did the Nazis impose their ideology on German women?
16 Did the Churches collaborate with or resist the Nazi regime?
17 How much opposition was there to the Nazi regime?
18 Why did the Nazis commit mass murder?
19 Review: What impact did Nazism have on the German people?
SECTION 3 Hitler's foreign policy: Why did Hitler's initial foreign policy successes turn to catastrophic defeat?
20 Why was Hitler's foreign policy so successful 1933-39?
21 Why did Germany's initial success in war turn to defeat?
SECTION 4 Conclusion
22 The legacy of the Third Reich

About the Author(s):
John Hite is Head of History and Politics at Haywards Heath College, West Sussex. Chris Hinton is Assistant Principal (Curriculum and Resources) at Beacon Community College, Crowborough, East Sussex.

Series editor Ian Dawson is a former Director of the Schools History Project.

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