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SHP History: Year 7 Pupil's Book  

SHP History: Year 7 Pupil's Book

SHP History is a major new book-per-year course for Key Stage 3 History. It takes the best of the old and the best of the new to create a dynamic and coherent course for a new generation of history pupils. This is the first book in the series and provides a course for Y7 beginning the big stories of Empire, Movement and Settlement, Conflict, Power, Ordinary Life and Ideas and Beliefs that will run throughout the course, and providing in depth enquiries on key aspects of medieval England.


  • A major new course for National Curriculum history from the leading body for history curriculum development.
  • Overviews and big stories: innovative strategies to build the big pictures across Key Stage 3, to link the whole course together and develop pupils conceptual framework.
  • Doing History feature highlights the skills and processes involved in getting better at history and enable step by step progression across the years of Key Stage 3.
  • eLearning: the Dynamic Learning CD-ROM (published separately) contains one-off mini tasks for the whiteboard or networked PCs through to sustained ICT-based lesson sequences.
  • 'How to...' activities help pupils strengthen their skills and improve their own performance.
  • Active-learning using a wide variety of learning styles to suit all abilities and interests.
  • Plus all the features you would expect from the Schools History Project: intriguing content, in-depth historical investigation, meaningful tasks, and a wealth of source material.

Table of Contents:
INTRODUCTION: What is History?
The mystery of the skeletons
Doing History: What is History?
Doing History: Sources
A quick history of Britain before 1066
Doing History: Chronology
The Big Story: Movement and Settlement Part One
Doing History: Big Stories
How to do well in Key Stage 3 History
Into the mind of an empire builder!
Why was the Roman army like a top football team?
Did people love or hate living in the Roman Empire?
Doing History: Diversity
Doing History: Interpretations
The Big Story: Empires Part One
Into the Middle Ages
SECTION 2 CONFLICT: Why did people risk their lives?
Into the mind of a medieval soldier!
What questions do you want to ask about war?
A quick history of war in the Middle Ages: Who when and why?
Who fought who? 1066 – the year of three battles
Why are they risking their lives at Hastings?
Whose story does the Bayeux Tapestry tell?
Who told the truth about 1066?
Doing History: Evidence
'A fatal day!'
William the ... what?
A quick history of castles, weapons and armour
Why is the story of Henry V and Agincourt so popular?
What should everyone know about the Crusades?
The Big Story: Conflict Part One
SECTION 3 POWER: Could a king do whatever he liked?
What was a medieval king supposed to do?
Into the mind of a medieval king!
Why did the barons rebel against King John?
Doing History: Causes and consequences
The Rebellion Steps: How high did they climb?
Quick history: who were the best kings in the Middle Ages?
The Big Story: Power Part One
SECTION 4 ORDINARY LIFE: What was it like to live in the Middle Ages?
Welcome to Wharram Percy
True or false?
The history theme park challenge!
The Big Story: Ordinary Life Part One
Doing History: Change and continuity
Why did people in the Middle Ages love the stories about Robin Hood?
The wonders of Baghdad – what stories will you bring back?
SECTION 5 ORDINARY LIFE: How did the Black Death and the Peasants' Revolt change people's lives?
Rats or rebels? Which was more significant?
What was the Black Death?
How did the Black Death change Allton?
'How I survived the Black Death!'
Were the rebels of 1381 heroes or villains?
Welcome back to Significance Alley!
Doing History: Significance
The Big Story: Ordinary Life Part Two
Into the mind of a medieval villager!
SECTION 6 IDEAS AND BELIEFS: Medieval or modern?
So, what's new?
Why did people argue so much about new religious ideas?
William Caxton, the man who…
How did printing change ideas?
Why did people disagree about monasteries?
Henry VIII: medieval or modern?
The Big Story: Ideas and Beliefs Part One
CONCLUSION: What have you learned this year…?
... about evidence: How do we know about the past?
... about periods: Can you tell the Romans from the Middle Ages?
... about people: Who would you most like to meet at the History party?
Doing History: Significance
... about significance: What and who is most worth remembering?
Building the History Wall

About the Author(s):
Ian Dawson is Publications Director of the Schools History Project and creator of

Maggie Wilson is lead teacher for Teaching and Learning at Wyke Manor School, Bradford

Pupils in Y7

Published: 25/04/2008
Extent: 228 pages
Illustrations: Full colour throughout
Series: Schools History Project History

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ISBN: 9780340907337

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